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Packed Away

for a rainy day

1 May 1980
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Life in the Nexus is a hard bargain.

For a kid who'd run away when her mom remarried, it was a good one. She could read a little, and do some math. She had some idea of getting paid to work, and a knack for navigating the rivers of commerce. It was enough to survive, and she'd managed for twenty years or so.

She'd never tried to go home again, or to leave the Nexus. The Nexus was safe, usually, and she was happy with that.

Appearance: Y is of average height, too skinny, with curly waist-length dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

((RP character. Ruslana Korshunova's the PB, and has no idea I'm doing this. Hope she doesn't mind. Banner by me, collectingpups. Lyrics on banner from the song "You're the Reason" by Antigone Rising.))